ACH Trophy


The origins of volleyball, which is one of the most developed, widespread and popular sports in the world with 218 member countries in the International Volleyball Federation, date back to 1970 in Bled. The Bled Volleyball Club was formed from the then section at ŠD Ribno within TVD Partizan Bled. The first president of the club was Zdravko Silič.

In the first years there is only a men's team, which progresses very quickly. In the 1970/71 season the team competes in the municipal league, in 1971/72 in the 2. SOL, in 1972/73 already in the 1. SOL. In 1973/74 OK Bled plays its first official match at the federal level. On 9 October 1973, as winners of the Slovenian Cup competition, they played in the 1/8 final of the SFRY Cup against Crvena Zvezda from Belgrade in Lipnica (0:3). Five years after the club was founded, the men's team qualified for the Second Federal Volleyball League. In this first season (1975/76) it immediately won 3rd place, behind Metalac and Fužinar. In 1976, they also play the 1/8 Cup against the national champions, Mladosti from Zagreb.

In the 1975/76 season, OK Bled also established a women's team. After five years of playing in II. ZOL, the Bled team was reorganised and placed in the 1.B ZOL, where they played until 1989.

In the 1985/86 season, Bled has 2 teams in the Bundesliga, as in addition to the men's team in II. ZOL Bled also has a women's team. In this season, the women's youth team achieves a unique success, as the players of Bled become the SFRJ national champions.

For the first time, foreign players also appear in Bled. In the 1994/95 season, the greatest success of women's volleyball in Bled is recorded, as the Klima Commerce Bled team becomes the national champions. In the final, the team defeats Infond Branika 2:0 in the victories.

The Bled club makes its first appearance in the European Cups in the 1995/96 season, the same year the Bled women volleyball players play in the final again, but fail to defend their title.

At the beginning of 1998, men's volleyball moves again from Bled, as the local gym does not meet the conditions for playing top-level volleyball. It finds a home in the new sports hall of the Secondary Catering School in Radovljica.
In the 1998/99 season, the women's team took part in the final tournament of the Slovenian Cup competition, while the men became autumn champions, but finished in 5th place at the end of the championship.

In the 99/00 season, the men's team of ELVO Bled made history by winning the national championship title, and in the 00/01 season, under the name MERKUR Bled, they won second place in both the Slovenian Cup and the national championship.

Also in the 01/02 season, the men's team under the name MERKUR LIP Bled played in the final of the National Championship and won the final second place, while the juniors became national champions. The success of this season is completed by the boys' team with the second place and the girls' team with the third place at the National Mini Volleyball Championship, and by the member of OK Bled Andrej Flajs, when he becomes the national champion in beach volleyball in the categories of up to 21 and up to 23 years old.

The 02/03 season brings the rejuvenated MERKUR LIP Bled men's team sixth place and a place in the final tournament of the Slovenian Cup, while the girls' team in small volleyball and the boys' team in mini volleyball qualify for the final tournament of the national championship, where the girls take fourth place and the boys second.

The Bled men's team LIP BLED in the 03/04 season in the national championship achieves the same ranking as last season, sixth place, and the older girls' team qualifies for the final tournament of the national championship, where they take second place.

In the 04/05 season, the Autocommerce Men's Team is on track to achieve its goals. In February, in the home hall of SGŠ Radovljica, the Autocommerce team wins its first laurel in this competition, and in April the title of national champions. The senior girls' team also wins the national title, while the boys' small volleyball team qualifies for the final tournament.

The 05/06 season brings Autocommerce's debut in the European Top Teams Cup, third place in the newly established Interleague and its third national championship title.

In the 06/07 season, the club makes its mark in the history of club and Slovenian volleyball with golden letters, as the men's team under the name OK Autocommerce wins all four competitions it takes part in: the National Championship, the Slovenian Cup, the Central European League, the European TOP Teams Cup. The successes reverberate throughout Europe. OK Autocommerce is invited to play in the Champions League in the 07/08 season. Due to the change of the name of the general sponsor, it is renamed ACH Volley Volleyball Club.

In the 07/08 season, the team regains both domestic laurels and wins the Central European League title again. At the end of the 07/08 season, the team receives another prestigious award: the IECL PRESS AWARD, awarded by the European Volleyball Federation (CEV) for the best public relations in the Champions League.

Canadian Glenn Hoag takes over the helm of the team for the 08/09 season, and ACH Volley defends both of its domestic trophies, finishes second in the Central European League and, with three wins in the Champions League regular season, qualifies for the 1/8 finals, where it defeats last year's winners, Russian team Zenit Kazan. ACH Volley also receives the SPORTO Award 08 for the European Champions League project.