ACH Volley Ljubljana confidently reach the semi-finals

ACH Volley Ljubljana

The quarter-final rematch of the Sportklub Volleyball League 1 between FužinarSijMetal and ACH Volley Ljubljana took place in Ravne na Koroškem. In front of a great atmosphere of a full hall, the Ljubljana volleyball players, undefeated in their home championship this year, justified their role of the favourite and convincingly qualified for the semi-finals.

Ravne - P.Voranc Primary School, spectators: 200, referees: Tovornik, Vrenko (both Slovenia).

FužinarSijMetalRavne : ACH Volley Ljubljana  1:3 (-15, -16, 25, -16).

ACH Volley Ljubljana: Pernuš 1, Šket 17, Rutar 1, Mašulović 11, Todorović 1, Peruničić, Kovačič (L), Gjorgiev 15, Pokeršnik 1, Videčnik 7, Kök 19.   Trener: Mladen Kašić.

FužinarSijMetalRavne: Golob (L), Knuplež (L), Lednik, Fink 7, Ranc D. 8, Pušnik 3, Mori 16, Ranc V. 3, Makaš 11, Levar, Hribernik, Vučetić 1, Kasnik 1.   Trener: Bogdan Veličković.

The opening match was marked by the Orange Dragons, who led by four points (0:4) after a Šket attack and aces. The Dragons did not let up and steadily increased their lead over the home team. With the score 4:10, coach Veličković called for a one-minute break. The game resumed with an ace by Kök, and strong attacks by Videčnik and Gjorgiev gave the visitors a nine-point advantage (8:17). After another timeout at the home team's request, the advantage grew to an unassailable 13-point advantage. Fužinar players woke up and gained five points (15:24), thanks to a playful Mori, but this did not prevent the Ljubljana team from winning the first set (15:25).

The start of the second set was also marked by ACH Volley Ljubljana players, who again called a minute break for coach Veličković after a Šket attack (3:8). The Orange Dragons continued with a fierce pace on the wings of Kök and Šket, but Fužinář's volleyball players also woke up on the other side. After a successful attack by Mašulović (8:15), the home strategist again called for a one-minute break. This only spurred the Dragons on even more, as two aces from Gjorgiev gave them a nine-point lead (9:18). The opponent did not give up and tried to reduce the difference in the score, but Šket and Rutar made sure to keep the advantage, which eventually meant the Ljubljana team's victory in the second set (16:25).

The third set started evenly, as Fužinar players managed to keep up with the Ljubljana players until the score was 7:11, after which the home coach took a one-minute break. After the break, the Fužinar  players tried to get closer to the Ljubljana players, which was prevented by Gjorgiev and Kök (10:14). The Orange Dragons' lead was reduced due to too many unforced errors (16:14). The Ljubljana players' concentration was waning and the home team took advantage of it, taking the lead 18:16. Ljubljana's strategist Kašić immediately reacted to the result with a one-minute break, but Fužinar players, with the home fans on their wings, increased the advantage with strong attacks (19:23). The third set went to the home team (25:21) with an unexpected attack by Ranc.
After losing the set, the Dragons started the fourth set with two aces by Šket and increased the lead to 3:7, which led coach Veličković to take a one-minute break. ACH Volley Ljubljana players kept the advantage with their deliberate play, but they could not escape from their fierce opponent (10:12). After a minute of timeout for the visiting team, the Ljubljana players, with the help of Videčnik, Šket and Gjorgiev, gained a five-point advantage (10:15) and provoked a one-minute break on the home team's side. The Orange Dragons increased their advantage (13:21) with a strong block, an attack and an ace by Kök and finally managed to escape Fužinář's players. After a block by Mašulović, the fourth set was practically already decided (13:22), and Pokeršnik finished it off with an attack (16:25).

Statement of ACH Volley Ljubljana coach Mladen Kašić: "A great atmosphere here in Ravne, where you can see that volleyball is at home. I'm not very happy with the performance of my boys, but in the end it's the win that counts. Now we have to prepare well for the first semi-final match, which will take place on Wednesday in Hala Tivoli."