ACH Volley Ljubljana to convincing win against Fužinar

ACH Volley Ljubljana

In the third round of the blue group of the Sportklub Slovenian Volleyball League, ACH Volley Ljubljana faced Fužinar Sij Metal Ravne at the Tivoli Hall in Ljubljana. As expected, Ljubljana dominated the opponents in all three sets, securing a victory with a score of 3:0 in just over an hour of play.

Ljubljana – Tivoli Hall, spectators: 45, referees: Kern, Markel

ACH Volley Ljubljana: Marković, Kržič 3, Šket, Najdič 3, Marovt 8, Šen 11, Koncilja 12, Kovačič (L), Gjorgiev 3, Sešek 8, Pokeršnik 4, Videčnik 2. Coach: Radovan Gačič

Fužinar Sij Metal Ravne: Pušnik, Križanič 3, Lednik, Robida, Ranc 3, Stojanov, Libnik, Javornik, Vučetić, Plesec 9, Podričnik 8, Drevenšek, Zmagaj, Hribernik. Coach: Aljoša Jemec

In the opening of the match, the Ljubljana team demonstrated greater focus, and Najdič led his team to a 5:2 lead with a successful attack. In the continuation of the set, Pokeršnik, with an ace, increased the lead to five points (9:4). Despite a timeout by the guests' coach at eight points behind (14:6), the move did not yield results. ACH Volley's players continued to exert pressure with successful attacks, and the eleven-point difference proved insurmountable (19:8). In the final stage of the set, Šen missed the first set point, but Videčnik utilized the second with a successful attack, concluding the opening set with a score of 25:11.

After an initial tie at the second and third points, the home team took the initiative. Koncilja, with an ace, secured a 7:4 lead, prompting a reaction from the guests who called for a timeout. After returning to the court, the situation did not change significantly, and the orange dragons increased the lead to seven points (16:9) with another ace, this time by Marovt. The guest coach attempted a substitution, but this move also did not produce the desired results. Ljubljana's volleyball players continued to dominate in all aspects of the game, leading 23:15 before the end of the set, with Šen successfully closing it at 25:16.

The start of the third set was the most even, with both teams sharing points until the score reached 5:7 when the guests took a two-point lead. Coach Gačič immediately called for a timeout, after which his players took the lead with a 10:9 advantage. The match then witnessed a series of tiebreaks, and after the guest-requested timeout, the orange Dragons took a more substantial lead (17:14). Towards the end of the set, the home team increased the lead to six points (23:17), and a mistake by the guests marked the end of the match, securing a 3:0 victory for Ljubljana (25:18).

Statement by ACH Volley Ljubljana Coach Radovan Gačič: ''I think there was no doubt today about who was better on the court. I am pleased that practically all players had the opportunity on the court, and everyone seized the opportunity excellently.''