ACH Volley Ljubljana before the deciding match in Turkey

ACH Volley Ljubljana

On Wednesday, 25 January, at 18:00 CET, ACH Volley Ljubljana will play the last match of the group stage of the elite Champions League against Ziraat Bank from Ankara, Turkey. The match will directly decide the second place in Group E and the continuation of the Champions League knockout fights. The loser will go on to play in the CEV Cup, the second-tier competition.

Both the Slovenian and Turkish champions have recorded two wins and three defeats in their five matches so far in Europe's most powerful club competition. In their first meeting in Ljubljana at the end of November, Ziraat won a close match in front of a packed Tivoli Hall, but that doesn't mean that the Ljubljana players don't have their own plans. They arrived in Turkey on Monday with a full squad and had an opening training session. ACH Volley Ljubljana volleyball players will have two more training sessions before tomorrow's showdown - today in the evening and tomorrow morning.

Coach Radovan Gačič and Alen Šket, a player who played four seasons in Turkey, talked about their expectations before the match.

Radovan Gačič: "One of the most important matches of this season is ahead of us and the atmosphere in the dressing room is accordingly. We are aware of what winning and losing brings and we are doing everything we can to leave Ankara satisfied. I am counting on us to build on the game from Ljubljana tomorrow and eliminate the mistakes from the first showdown with Ziraat."

Alen Šket: "A highly anticipated match that will decide our further European path this season. The Turks are a tough opponent, as they proved in Ljubljana, and even more so when they play on home soil. We have to play with composure and believe in our final success."