ACH Volley Ljubljana despite tiredness to secure victory in city derby

ACH Volley Ljubljana

ACH Volley Ljubljana despite tiredness to secure victory in city derby

In the 15th round match of the Sportklub First Volleyball League, the teams of ACH Volley Ljubljana and Črnuče competed in the city derby. In a match where the multiple national champions were considered the clear favourites, we saw a convincing victory for the undefeated ACH Volley volleyball players, who beat their rivals 3:0.

Ljubljana - Tivoli sports hall, 85 spectators, referees Mihajlo, Kramar.

ACH Volley Ljubljana : Črnuče 3:0 (20, 18, 18).

ACH Volley Ljubljana: Mejal 1, Šket 7, Mašulović, Todorović, Bošnjak, Koncilja 10, Šestan, Kovačič (L), Gjorgiev, Videčnik 11, Kök 13, Šen 10. Coach: Radovan Gačič.

Črnuče:  Kržič 7, Mihelčič 1, Prevorčnik, Karadža Pevc (L), Verdinek (L), Rojnik 4, Oman 2, Sesek 5, Marovt 5, Jančič 4, Valenčič 10, Ramšak, Češnovar.   Coach: Iztok Kšela.

The start of the game was not very attractive, both teams made a lot of unforced errors, especially on the opening shots. The Slovenian champions gained a significant advantage, with Koncilja's ace giving them a three-point lead (7:4). The young team from Črnuče played better in the following set, with a solid block and a strong serve they evened the score on the 15th point, and shortly afterwards they took the lead (15:17). This triggered a reaction on the home team's bench and a timeout at the request of Coach Gačič. The Orange Dragons were overwhelmed and after a series of serves by Shen, they led 20:18. After an attacking error by the otherwise playful Valenčić, the home players led by three points (23:20) and the set ended with a service error by Črnuč (25:20).

The start of the second set was also in the Slovenian champions' favour, Koncilja with two aces took the lead with 3:1, while Kök continued in the same style for 9:6. If the teams were still tied at 14:14, the continuation went according to ACH Volley's notes. Kök shone with three consecutive points and the Dragons with a 6:0 split. This was enough for a calm end of the second set, which the home volleyball team won after a service error by the guests (25:18).

In the third set we saw the complete domination of the reigning national champions (12:5), while the guests made too many mistakes to be able to keep in touch with their rivals. When Videčnik finished 22:14 over the first tempo, it was clear that the Dragons would record their 15th consecutive victory in the home championship. This was achieved after another mistake by Črnuč

Statement of ACH Volley Ljubljana coach Radovan Gačič: "Legs were really tired before today's game, but some players joined the team after illness. I am satisfied with the performance, but now we have the real test and one of the most important matches of the season in Turkey."