ACH Volley Ljubljana with full proceeds from Waldviertel

ACH Volley Ljubljana

Union Raiffeisen WALDVIERTEL : ACH Volley Ljubljana  0 : 3 (-13, -21. -14)

Union Raiffeisen WALDVIERTEL: Blaginov 1, Sinoski 1, Wessely, Weber (L), Bartoš, Knašas 8, Binder (L), Hahn, Streutker 10, Trauth, Schnabel 3, Taylor-Parks 3, Šulc 12  Trener: Zdenek Šmejkal

ACH Volley Ljubljana: Pernuš, Šket 8, Rutar 4, Mašulović 13, Todorović 2, Peruničić 1, Kovačič (L), Gjorgiev 16, Pokeršnik 10, Kök 1.  Trener: Mladen Kašić

In the match of the 6th round of the Middle European Volleyball League MEVZA, we watched a showdown between the home team Waldviertel and the multiple Slovenian champions, the volleyball players of ACH Volley Ljubljana, who won in less than an hour and a half with a convincing 3:0 (-13, -21, -14).

The orange dragons opened the match perfectly and, after two successful attacks by young Rutar, dictated the rhythm of the game. The ACH Volley Ljubljana setter, Todorović, especially with his play through the middle, kept the aforementioned Rutar and later also Mašulović busy. The orange dragons quickly built up a four-point lead (2:6), which was followed by a one-minute break at the request of the home team's coach Šmejkal. This did not stop the onslaught of ACH Volley Ljubljana, who led 9:3. The rest of the set was also dominated by the Ljubljana players, who were better in all elements of the game. There were too many mistakes in Waldviertel's play to keep up with the reliable play of the Orange dragons, who only increased their lead throughout the set (9:21). This result also saw a substitution on the part of the visiting team, with Todorović being replaced by the young Pernuš. The set ended with the score 13:25 after another mistake by the home players - a touch of the net.

The hosts, the Waldviertel volleyball team, entered the second set better and kept contact with the Ljubljana team (7:7). After a fierce attack by captain Pokeršnik, the orange dragons managed to gain a two-point advantage for the first time (12:14), which triggered a reaction on the part of Waldviertel after a minute break. This obviously helped the home team, as they went on to erase the deficit (16:16). Thanks to two successful attacks by a playful Mašulović and an error by the home team, the orange dragons gained an unassailable advantage in the final set and won the second set (21:25) with another successful attack by Mašulović.

At the beginning of the third set, the teams exchanged the lead. Waldviertel took the lead, but then ACH Volley Ljubljana took the initiative and led by two points (6:8). The orange dragons picked up the pace and quickly went into a four-point lead (6:10). In the third set we again saw more or less "one-way traffic", where the orange dragons were piling up points. In the second half of the third set, ACH Volley Ljubljana's strategist Kašić further mixed up the line-up on the court, sending Pernuš, Kök and the young Peruničić into the game. The set ended with a mistake by the Waldviertel volleyball players and ACH Volley Ljubljana with a big lead (14:25).

ACH Volley Ljubljana assistant coach Rok Satler: "We entered the match extremely well and quickly gained an unassailable advantage. If the opponent showed some resistance in the second set, the story in the third set was similar to the first. We are happy to return to Ljubljana with such a convincing victory."

ACH Volley Ljubljana player Filip Rutar: "Today we showed a mature game with few mistakes, which is our main goal. I'm glad that we were in control of the game and the result practically from the beginning to the end of the match. Now it's time to prepare well for Kranj and continue our winning streak."