ACH Volley Ljubljana remains reliable against Fužinar

ACH Volley Ljubljana

In the 4th round match of the Sportklub First Volleyball League we watched the match between ACH Volley Ljubljana and FužinarSijMetalRavne in the Tivoli hall. The Slovenian champions did not let the opponents from the bottom of the championship standings surprise them and won 3:0.

Ljubljana - Tivoli Arena, 110 spectators, referees: Tomec, Novak

ACH Volley Ljubljana: Mejal, Kržič 2, Šket, Najdič 3, Marovt 8, Šen 13, Koncilja 10, Kovačič (L), Gjorgiev 15, Sešek 1, Pokeršnik 2. Coach: Radovan Gačič

FužinarSijMetalRavne: Pušnik 3, Križanič 3, Lednik, Robida 8, Ranc 1, Stojanov, Libnik(L), Javornik 6, Vučetić 1, Podričnik 5. Coach: Aljoša Jemec.

The match started well for the Orange Dragons, who took a seven-point lead with strong blocking and excellent serves by Kržič (12:5). The Slovenian champions did not slow down, and the Fužinar players struggled with their reception and, consequently, their attacking play throughout the set. The set concluded after only 18 minutes with a successful attack by Marovt, securing a convincing victory for the Ljubljana team (25:10).

In contrast to the first set, the second set began more evenly (5:5). Captain Gjorgiev first provided a lead for the Ljubljana team with his challenging serves and then with two consecutive attacks (9:7). After Gjorgiev's ace for a 16:12 lead, the Fužinar team called for a half-time break. The interruption seemed to work as the guests closed the gap to just one point (18:19). However, on the other side, the home team made too many errors in their serves, which did not prove fatal. Šen and Gjorgiev, who were both in great form, secured a smooth finish for the second set. Najdič secure the first set point, and Koncilja exploited it with a powerful attack through the middle (25:21).

The third set began evenly, with the Fužinar players showing more energy and better defensive play. Nevertheless, the ACH Volley team dictated the pace of the game and led by four points at the middle of the set (15:11). In the spotlight was Captain Gjorgiev, who first stopped the opposition with a block and then added a point from the attack. Šen and Marovt joined him. Marovt's excellent attack secured the team's lead at 18:12. The game concluded after the opponents' serving error (25:20).

Statement by ACH Volley Ljubljana coach, Radovan Gačič: "Today, we were strong in serving, which had a positive impact on our blocking and defense. Najdič did a great job setting up his teammates, and they followed him to make successful attacking finishes. Our reception was solid, and the score reflects our performance. Now, it's time for some regeneration and good preparation for the next home game on Wednesday against Alpaci Kanal."

Statement by ACH Volley Ljubljana player, Luka Marovt: "I'm pleased to have the opportunity to play in today's match against Fužinar. Our serving worked well, and we were very efficient in blocking and defense. We built a sufficient lead before every set's ending for a smooth finish."