ACH Volley Ljubljana starts preparations for the new season

Začetek sezone

ACH Volley Ljubljana would like to announce that we have started preparations for the upcoming season. We welcome many new names to the Orange Dragons' nest, both in the professional staff and in the playing line-up.

Mladen Kašić, ACH Volley Ljubljana's chief strategist, summed up his thoughts at the start of the preparations: "It is important that we have gathered and started our preparations for the season. A lot of players are currently absent due to national team commitments, which will definitely affect the team's chemistry at the beginning of the season." Kašić is confident that, despite the currently reduced roster, with the right approach and good energy, the team will soon be running like a well-established machine.

Conditioning coach Samo Korošec also had more to say about the preparation process: "The preparation will follow the usual schedule of twice a day with a combination of physical training and ball training. The physical training will be a combination of fitness and stadium training, with the emphasis on conditioning."  

The Orange Dragons will start their preparation matches at the end of August, while the national championship is scheduled to start in early October.