ACH Volley Ljubljana tudi v tretje boljši od Kamničanov

ACH Volley Ljubljana

The 20th round of the Sportklub First Volleyball League saw a derby between home team Calcit Volley and ACH Volley Ljubljana, still undefeated in the championship. With the exception of the first set, which featured a thrilling playoff, the Ljubljana players were clearly the better opponents and won 3:0 in sets.
Kamnik - Kamnik Sports Hall, 150 spectators, referees.
Calcit Volley : ACH Volley Ljubljana 0 : 3 (-26, -20, -22)
Calcit Volley: Kos 1, Hribar (L), Bregar 5, Purič 2, Kosmina, Gasparini 8, Klobučar 8, Siirila 3, Brulec 3, Beravs, Plot (L), Mujanović 4, Pavlović 9. Coach: Matija Pleško.
ACH Volley Ljubljana: Pernuš, Šket 6, Rutar, Mašulović 7, Todorović 4, Peruničić, Okroglič, Kovačič (L), Gjorgiev 13, Pokeršnik 8, Videčnik 8, Kök 2. Coach: Mladen Kašić.
The opening tip of the match belonged to the home team, who led by three points (5:2) with an ace by Siirila, but the Ljubljana team quickly managed to regain the balance on the floor of the Kamnik Sports Hall. Mašulović's attack over the middle tied the score at 10 and Todorović's block put the Orange Dragons in the lead (11:12).  Kamnik found an answer on Gasparini's serve (13:12) and also had a small lead in the second half of the set and a point or two advantage (18:16). Mašulović broke the Kamnik block again and tied the score on the 18th point. Then the home team coach Pleško reacted and took a half-minute break. With the score 20:19 in favour of Calcit Volley, coach Kašić intervened after the first break. In the playoffs, we saw a very even fight for every point, and the first final ball for the home team was provided by Klobučar with a successful attack, but the Dragons fought back. In a dramatic ending of the set, Kamnik came very close to winning with three final balls, but Todorović's outstanding solo block brought a turnaround, and the Ljubljana players won 28:26 after another block.

ACH Volley Ljubljana volleyball players had a better start to the second set and took a two-point lead (7:9) on Todorović's serve. A great defence by libero Kovacić, which was countered by a successful attack by Pokeršnik, brought the Dragons even further to a three point advantage (8:11). With a successful series of opening shots by Videčnik, the Ljubljana players escaped with a big six-point lead (9:15) and maintained the advantage in the second half of the set. Pokeršnik's first attack and then a block gave the team an unassailable lead (16:22). Mašulović provided the first final ball with an attack, and the second one was cashed in by the moody Pokeršnik to win the second set for the Ljubljana team (20:25).
In the third set, Calcit Volley had the initial lead (4:2), but the Ljubljana players tied it up on the fifth point with a successful Todorović point. Purič's ace gave them a two-point lead, while Klobučar's attack increased it to three (10:7). The reaction of the visiting team's bench and a timeout followed, but did not change the situation on the court. At 14:10, captain Gjorgiev had to leave the court due to pain in his left ankle, and was replaced by Šket, who also found himself in an opposite position. The Dragons were slowly but steadily getting closer to the home players and at 18:16 Calcit coach Pleško called for a timeout. The guests from Ljubljana picked up the pace and on the wings of Šket caught the hosts on the 19th point, and after a mistake by Pavlović in attack, they took the lead (19:20). This meant a second half-minute break at Pleško's request. In the playoffs, Calcit Volley made too many unforced errors, but on the other hand, the Ljubljana players proved why they are the only undefeated team in the Slovenian championship this year and won the match with a convincing 3:0 in sets thanks to a Kök attack.
Statement of ACH Volley Ljubljana coach Mladen Kašić: "We knew that Kamnik's team is getting more and more in shape, which they proved in the previous match against Maribor. That's why we had to be fully focused and concentrated today. We had some problems in the first set, but then we stepped up the pace of the game and deservedly got another win."
Statement of ACH Volley Ljubljana player Jani Kovacič: "Last time we were away in Kamnik we dominated the match and won 3:0. Today we expected a tougher match, because Calcite volleyball players have shown good volleyball in the last period. I'm glad that, with the exception of the first set, we kept things under control and won convincingly."