ACH Volley Ljubljana in Velenje to 14th cup trophy

ACH Volley Ljubljana

Na sklepnem dejanju pokalnega tekmovanja, ki je potekalo v Rdeči dvorani v Velenju sta se v velikem finalu pomerila stara znanca odbojkarskih igrišč, branilec naslova ACH Volley Ljubljana ter Calcit Volley. Na atraktivni tekmi, kjer ni manjkalo lepih potez na obeh straneh, so si nov, že 14. naslov pokalnih prvakov zagotovili odbojkarji ACH Volleyja Ljubljana, ki so slavili z rezultatom 3:2.

ACH Volley Ljubljana : Calcit Volley   3 : 2 (-24, 22, 23, -22, 9).

ACH Volley Ljubljana: Mejal, Šket, Mašulović 2, Todorović 3, Bošnjak, Koncilja 13, Šestan 11, Kovačič (L), Gjorgiev 27, Videčnik 8, Kök 6, Šen 8.   Trener: Radovan Gačič

Calcit Volley: Planinšič 2, Mujanović 5, Vinkovič 8, Lazar, Klobučar 2, Košenina (L), Arsenoski, Okroglič 16, Sosa Sierra 19, Aponza Carabali 10, Pavlovič 11.   Trener: Jurij Žavbi

The final act of the cup competition, which took place in the Red Hall in Velenje, saw two old rivals of volleyball courts, the defending champions ACH Volley Ljubljana and Calcit Volley, compete in the grand final. In an attractive match, where there was no lack of nice moves on both sides, the new, 14th Cup championship title was secured by the volleyball players of ACH Volley Ljubljana, who won with a score of 3:2.

ACH Volley Ljubljana : Calcit Volley 3 : 2 (-24, 22, 23, -22, 9).

ACH Volley Ljubljana: Mejal, Šket, Mašulović 2, Todorović 3, Bošnjak, Koncilja 13, Šestan 11, Kovačič (L), Gjorgiev 27, Videčnik 8, Kök 6, Šen 8. Coach: Radovan Gačič

Calcit Volley: Planinšič 2, Mujanovič 5, Vinkovic 8, Lazar, Klobučar 2, Kosenina (L), Arsenoski, Okroglič 16, Sosa Sierra 19, Aponza Carabali 10, Pavlovič 11. Coach: Jurij Žavbi

In the opening set, the Kamnik volleyball team started the grand final better and led 10:7 after two unforced errors by ACH Volley Ljubljana.The Kamnik players continued to dictate the pace of the game, and at 16:13, Radovan Gačič, the Ljubljana team strategist, intervened after the break. Calcit's strong block continued to cause problems for the Slovenian champions, and Sosa's third block made it 19:14. The Kamnik team suffered a knee injury to Calcit captain Klobučar, who was successfully replaced by Vinkovič. It was he who stopped Gjorgiev's attempt to take a 23:18 lead with an outstanding block. In a tense playoff, Calcit's players showed more composure and took a 1:0 lead in the set.

Similarly to the first set, Calcit players had the initial initiative in the second set and with a strong opening shot they took a three-point lead (10:7). This time the Dragons caught the lead at the 12th point, but Calcit's response was followed by an outstanding block by the playful Pavlović for 15:13. It didn't take long for ACH Volley players to take their first lead of the set, with a block by Šen, who had replaced Kök earlier. The Ljubljana players continued their good block play and entered the final set with a two-point advantage (20:18). ACH Volley volleyball players maintained their advantage until the end and evened the set at 1:1.

The beginning of the third set was marked by the Ljubljana players, who led 4:1 on the wings of young Šen. Šen struck again with an attack over the middle and Šestan added an ace for a 7:3 lead and a reaction on the Calcit bench. This put the Kamnik volleyball players on their toes and they closed to within a point (9:8). Calcit volleyball caught up on the 15th point, but the Slovenian champions found an answer and regained the lead (18:15. An ace by Šestan for 21:18 and excellent opening shots by Videčnik meant a calm ending in which the set was decided in favour of ACH Volley Ljubljana by an efficient attack by Šen (25:23).

The fourth set was the most even start of the match, with the teams exchanging the lead until the middle of the set, when Kamnik pulled away by two points (12:14).The Dragons stopped Calcit's run in time, and with a series of unfavourable serves by Todorović, they took the lead 17:15. An outstanding block by Aponzo tied the match at 19 and made for an interesting end to the fourth set. The Ljubljana team allowed too many errors of their own, which Aponzo took advantage of on serve (20:22). Kamnik did not waste the advantage and won the set on 22.

The fifth set was better opened by the Kamnik volleyball players, who with a great block led 2:0, but ACH Volley players caught the connection and went into the lead (5:4). Koncilja, with his decisive serves, increased the lead to 7:4, and in the end of the match, with a strong attack through the first tempo, ACH Volley Ljubljana volleyball players finally won the match and the 14th Cup laurel.

Statement of ACH Volley Ljubljana coach Radovan Gačič: "An outstanding final in front of full stands in Velenje. All congratulations to my boys for keeping their composure despite the long and hard match and the very late hour, and for deservedly celebrating a new laurel at the end. And a big shout-out to the organisers, who prepared a great atmosphere and a great ambience. There is no time to celebrate, as we have a new challenge in the Mevza League final on Friday."