ACH Volley Ljubljana very convincing in the first quarter-final match

ACH Volley Ljubljana

The first quarter-final match was played between the home team ACH Volley Ljubljana and FužinarSijMetalRavne at the Tivoli Arena.The guests, who won yesterday against Krka after a real drama and secured their place in the first Sportklub volleyball league next season, were no match for the spirited multiple national champions from Ljubljana, who were convincingly better with a score of 3:0.

Ljubljana - Tivoli sports hall, 50 spectators, referees Melavc, Kramar (both Slovenia).

ACH Volley Ljubljana : FužinarSijMetalRavne 3:0 (9, 14, 12).

ACH Volley Ljubljana: Pernuš 1, Šket 6, Rutar 3, Mašulović 17, Todorović, Peruničić, Okroglič, Kovačič (L), Gjorgiev 13, Pokeršnik 11, Videčnik 3. Coach: Mladen Kašić.

FužinarSijMetalRavne: Golob (L), Knuplež (L), Lednik 3, Fink, Ranc D. 2, Pušnik, Mori 3, Ranc V. 1, Makaš 1, Levar 1, Hribernik, Vučetić 3, Plesec, Kasnik.   Coach: Bogdan Veličković.

The opening match was marked by the Orange Dragons, who led by four points (5:1) after a successful series of initial shots by Šket. The other Bistrica player in the team, Videčnik, kept the pressure on his serve and the advantage steadily grew. At 10:3, coach Velićković had to take the first break. The Dragons, who were hungry for a match after ten days of competitive break, continued their fierce rhythm. Gjorgiev increased the advantage to a big ten points with two aces, forcing a second timeout at the guests' request. This didn't help Fužinar's volleyball players either, who had the most trouble finishing their attacks. After another attack by Mašulović, the score on the semaphore of the Tivoli Hall showed 20:5 and it was more than clear who would win the first set. Mašulović finished it with a block (25:9).

The beginning of the second set was also marked by ACH Volley Ljubljana volleyball players, who after another block, this time by Pokeršnik, led 9:3 and kept the advantage until the middle of the set. In the second half of the set, the Ljubljana players shifted up a gear and led 21:13 after an ace by Rutar. The captain of the Orange Dragons, Gjorgiev, decided the winner of the second set with another ace (25:14).

The third set was the most even start of the match, where after an initial 7:3 lead of the Ljubljana team, the Fužinář volleyball team managed to close the gap to just a point (8:7). In the next set, the Ljubljana players proved their quality once again and despite the mixed line-up on the court, they won the third set (25:12).

Statement of ACH Volley Ljubljana coach Mladen Kašić: "First of all, sincere congratulations to Fužinar for qualifying for the first league. Today was an easy match for us, and the fact that Fužinarja played with the second lineup for the whole game helped a bit. I believe in ACH Volley's success on Saturday in front of a full house in Ravne."