ACH Volley Ljubljana victorious also in Novo mesto

ACH Volley Ljubljana

The last match of the 16th round of the Sportklub First Volleyball League was played in the Marof hall in Novo mesto between the home team Krka and the undefeated ACH Volley Ljubljana. The favoured Ljubljana team won convincingly with a score of 3:0 and thus recorded their 38th consecutive victory in the season.

Novo mesto – sports hall Marof, spectators: 100, referees: Kramar, Novak (both Slovenia).

Krka : ACH Volley Ljubljana 0:3 (-9, -18, -19).

ACH Volley Ljubljana: Pokeršnik (L), Šket, Rutar 6, Mašulović 5, Todorović 2, Peruničić 2, Okroglič 11, Kovačič (L), Gjorgiev 12, Pernuš 2, Kök 7.   Trener: Mladen Kašić.

Krka: Erpič, Čopi, Borin (L), Travnik 6, Kožar 2, Pulko 9, Lavrič 3, Peterlin 6, Hvala, Jaklič (L), Renko, Koncilja 3.   Trener: Tomislav Mišin.

ACH Volley Ljubljana opened the opening set better and after a block by Mašulović they led by three points (1:4). After two consecutive attacks by Kök, who this time got a chance instead of Šket, the score was 7:3. At 9:3, home coach Mišin intervened after the first timeout. The break did not help Krka's volleyball players too much, as the Orange Dragons maintained their advantage in the rest of the game. An ace by Todorović and a successful attack by Gjorgiev meant another half-minute break at the home team's request at 14:6. The visitors' coach Kašić continued to mix up the Dragons' line-up. Rutar replaced Videčnik and Pokeršnik, returning from illness, came in as a libero. The end of the first set was also dominated by the Ljubljana players, who got the first final ball after a fierce attack by Mašulović, which they capitalized on with a successful offensive action by Okroglič (9:25).

The opening of the second set didn't see much change on the court either. Ljubljana volleyball players led 7:3 after an ace by Gjorgiev. However, the home volleyball players managed to get closer on the serve of Pulko and evened the score on the 8th point. The guests quickly answered and went back to a three-point lead (8:11). Pernuš and Peruničić also got a chance to play for the Ljubljana players. The reigning Cup champions continued to be the much better opponent, winning the set on 18 points after an ace from Gjorgiev.

The third set was the most even, with the Krkaši managing to tie the score at 10 after two aces from Lavrič. The home team kept pace with the visitors until the middle of the set, when the Orange Dragons managed to escape by three points (16:19). Pernuš, with a steal, made it a four-point lead (19:23), and a block by Gjorgiev decided the match.

ACH Volley Ljubljana coach Mladen Kašić: "In such a tough match rhythm we are in, a 3:0 win is very welcome. I am satisfied with the approach of the players, we managed to rest some of the players, and all of them played well, which is a great preparation for tomorrow's match in Dob."