The best young receiver of the European Championships in the Orange Nest

ACH Volley Ljubljana

The team of the most successful Slovenian volleyball club ACH Volley Ljubljana announces that before the end of this season, in which the Ljubljana players have already won two trophies (Slovenian Cup and Central European Championship MEVZA), the club has concluded a long-term, at least 4-year cooperation with one of the most talented young Slovenian volleyball players, Luka Marovt. Despite his young age, the 17-year-old from Braslovče has already achieved a number of resounding successes, one of which is winning the European Championship title with the Slovenian national volleyball team under 17. Luka's excellent performances in this historic achievement for Slovenian volleyball also earned him the title of the best receiver at the European Championships.
"I would like to thank ACH Volley Ljubljana for this opportunity. It would have been hard not to decide in this direction and refuse the invitation of a club like ACH Volley. I am aware that I still have a long and difficult road ahead of me, but I am ready for it."
The Orange Dragons club is also happy to sign a long-term cooperation agreement, and the club's president Rasto Oderlap said: 'We are very happy that young Slovenian players are choosing ACH Volley Ljubljana as they have done in the past and are developing into excellent world-class volleyball players here. I congratulate Luka and welcome him."  
ACH Volley Ljubljana's Sports Director, Aleš Jerala, added on the occasion of the signing of the contract: "The club's goal is to bring the most promising players in Slovenia into its midst, and we are mostly succeeding in that. Luka has a potential comparable to the most recognizable volleyball players who once represented the colours of ACH Volley and today play in the strongest leagues in the world. We will do our best to enable Luka to develop quickly and qualitatively."