Calcit Volley, led by Brunet, secures a convincing victory

ACH Volley Ljubljana

Calcit Volley – ACH Volley Ljubljana 3:0 (19, 17, 18)

Kamnik – Športna dvorana Kamnik, spectators: 150, referees: Atanasov, Vrenko.

Calcit Volley: Planinšič 3, Vinkovič, Lazar 1, Karadža Pevc (L), Košenina (L), Nikolić 7, Okroglič 4, Mitrašinović 1, Brunet 22, Bakonji, Dulčev 14, Pavlović 3. Coach: Mladen Kašić.

ACH Volley Ljubljana: Marković Kržič, Šket 5, Najdič, Marovt 2, Šen 5, Koncilja 4, Kovačič (L), Gjorgiev 4, Sešek 4, Pokeršnik 7, Videčnik 3. Coach: Radovan Gačič.

The Ljubljana volleyball players took the lead in the first set, leading 3:1 and then 6:4. However, Kamnik quickly caught up, taking the lead with an ace by Brunet (8:7). Even after Pokeršnik's ace equalized the score at 13:13, it did not seem likely that the home team would smoothly win the opening set. Still, Kamnik's volleyball players, propelled by Brunet, extended their lead to four points (18:14), and after Nikolić's attack via the first tempo, they reached a five-point advantage (22:17). Demonstrating composed play, Brunet used the first set point for Kamnik to secure a 1:0 lead in sets.

In the second set, Kamnik maintained a constant lead, with the only tie occurring at 1:1. With Okroglič's initial serve, the home team, led by two consecutive points from Brunet and a guest error, already led 10:3. Despite Ljubljana narrowing the gap to four points after Šket's ace (14:18), Kamnik's players remained calm. After two consecutive aces by Planinšič, the lead increased again to seven points (21:14). Okroglič confirmed the victory in the second set.

With a point from Nikolić, the home team took a 3:1 lead at the beginning of the third set. However, the guests steadily followed Kamnik until the tenth point. Both sides struggled with serving errors, and after a long exchange, the home team, with two points from Nikolić and one from Brunet, took a three-point lead (13:10). Even after a half-minute break requested by the guests, Okroglič served for a home team advantage of 14:10. After a block by Videčnik forced Gačič, the ACH Volley coach, to call for a half-minute break, his team only led by one point (13:14). Upon returning to the court, Calcit Volley quickly regained a four-point advantage (17:13). Despite Gačič's second half-minute break, which did not help his team, Calcit Volley's unstoppable Brunet continued to perplex Ljubljana. When Brunet secured a 20:15 lead with an ace, another victory for Kamnik's volleyball players seemed certain. After 70 minutes of play, Nikolić ended the match, in which Kamnik clearly outclassed their opponents.