Dragons in the final of the Slovenian Cup

polfinalna tekma

ACH Volley Ljubljana : Salonit Anhovo 3:0 (23, 23, 21)

ACH Volley Ljubljana: Toman, Ropret, Pernuš 3, Toukhteh 5, Dagostino, Pavlović, Satler, Bošnjak 9, Okroglič 11, Rutar, Pokeršnik, Videčnik 1, Kök 5, Vučićević 15.

Salonit Anhovo: Boharev 11, Jeklin, Saric, Jereb, Karnel 1, Filiputti, Kavcic 2, Maretic, Radosavljevic 6, Peterlin 12, Kovacic, Tomic 3, Vrtovec 12, Basaneze 1.

In the first semi-final match of the Cup of Slovenia, the Ljubljana team defeated Salonit Anhovo 3:0. The other finalist will be decided by a match between Hiša na kolesih Kranj and Calcit Volley. The final will take place on Friday at 18:00.

ACH Volley Ljubljana started the semi-final match of the Slovenian Cup with a slightly different line-up than we are used to. Instead of Gregor Ropret, young Gregor Pernuš started at the position of the game organiser, while Jan Pokeršnik was replaced by Črt Bošnjak, who played as an outside-spiker alongside Matej Kök. The blocking duo consisted of Matic Videčnik and Amir Toukteh, with Božidar Vučićević at the opposite position and Kyle Dagostino as libero.

The Ljubljana team started a bit reluctantly and allowed Salonit Anhovo to build a five-point lead (10:15), when Matija Pleško called a half-minute timeout for the second time in the game. Just before that, the Ljubljana coach made a substitution and sent Jureto Okroglič into the game. The Dragons reduced the deficit and tied the game (20:20) just before the playoffs. The end of the set was played more composedly by the Ljubljana players, who celebrated the set win with a Vučićević attack for 25:23.

This time, the Dragons caught Salonit volleyball players already on the 5th point, and in the following period the teams exchanged the lead (9:8), and then the Ljubljana players, with a series of successfully played points, were already leading 14:9. The Primorje players didn't let up and they found a way to get closer to their opponents (21:20). Okroglič got his team the first final ball (24:22), and Vučićević sealed the second one with a strong attack (25:23).

The third set was better for Salonit (2:5), but the Dragons soon came closer and took the lead (10:9). They continued to increase the pace (16:13), but a block by the Primorje team gave them a two-point lead (17:19). An ace by Kök tied the game, and a block by Pernus made the score 21:19 in favour of Ljubljana. The Dragons did not let the lead slip away until the end and won 3:0 (25:21) with a finish by Bošnjak.