Hafner continues his work on the bench of the Orange Dragons.

ACH Volley Ljubljana

From the team of the current Slovenian champions, ACH Volley Ljubljana, it has been announced that they have extended their collaboration with coach Matjaž Hafner, who took over the team at the end of the last season following a change in the coaching position and immediately found a winning rhythm with the club. Under his leadership, the Orange Dragons amassed five consecutive victories and celebrated the milestone 20th national championship title.

It's worth noting that before joining the Orange nest, Matjaž Hafner had led the Swiss team Volley Nafels for the last two seasons and left a significant mark with the Austrian team SK Zadruga Aich/Dob, where he worked from 2015 to 2021. He also served as an assistant to Luka Slabeta with the Slovenian men’s national team and to Bruno Najdič with the women’s. Before starting his coaching career, Matjaž enjoyed a successful playing career, which included being a member of the Slovenian national team from its inception (1992 – 1997) and celebrating two Slovenian national championship titles, first with Vileda Maribor (1992/93), and later with Fužinar (1997/98).

Upon extending his collaboration with Ljubljana, the 52-year-old volleyball expert stepped up to the club microphone and said: "Taking over the team at the end of last season, we could only have hoped for such a conclusion. I think I've connected very well with the team and the rest of the coaching staff, which was also reflected in our collaboration on and off the court. Now a new story awaits us, which we will undoubtedly start with a partially changed team. We must build on hard work and a professional approach, and strong team cohesion. Our goal is to be the best in domestic competitions and make a strong impression in the elite Champions League, where we aim not just to participate, but to seize our opportunities and win."

Alongside Hafner, the coaching staff will continue to include assistant coach Rok Satler, physical trainer Samo Korošec, team doctor Dr. Jan Planinc, statistician Mitja Torkar, and the physiotherapy team composed of Jure Ivartnik, Taja Kobilca, and Tara Oderlap.

ACH Volley Ljubljana and Hafner have agreed to a one-year collaboration.

We at the Orange nest wish Matjaž and the entire coaching staff successful work.