Jani Kovačič returns to where it all began

Jani Kovačič

On Saturday, 6 November at 18:00, ACH Volley Ljubljana will play another away game, this time in Kanal at the home of Salonit Anhovo. 

Two volleyball players of the current Orange Dragon team, Jure Okroglič and Jani Kovačič, are also from the town near Soča. "We have a tough match ahead of us and an always tough opponent in Salonit, which is an even tougher opponent at home. It's definitely my favourite away game because I'm going back to where it all started. I have very fond memories of Kanal and the people there and I can't wait to play in the Kanal hall again."
The Ljubljana team's opponents have shown many faces in the previous games of the season, with fluctuations in their play. However, the Canaries are an even more dangerous opponent on home court and we will witness top-notch volleyball.