The perspective Šen arrives, Bošnjak and Mejal from Črnuče to Tivoli

ACH Volley Ljubljana

The most successful Slovenian volleyball club ACH Volley Ljubljana announces that they have added three exceptionally talented Slovenian players to their roster for the upcoming season. Klemen Šen is coming from Brezovica, while the national team player Črt Bošnjak and Primož Mejal, who played for Črnuče last season as loan players for ACH Volley, are also moving to Tivoli.
Šen, who recently turned 20, is one of the most talented young players in Slovenia. Despite the fact that ACH Volley Ljubljana will be his first club in the strongest Slovenian league, he has already proved his ability to meet the challenges ahead of him several times, both at the national team level and at the club level in the 1.B National League. On signing the 4-year contract, he told the club's website, "I am extremely happy and grateful to be able to play for a club like ACH Volley. It's no exaggeration to say that this is a childhood dream come true. With hard work and discipline I will continue to follow my dream."

After a year-long loan from the neighbouring team Črnuče, national team receiver Bošnjak returns to the orange nest of Hale Tivoli. In the past few days, he made his debut with the Slovenian national team at the first Nations League tournament in Brazil and immediately drew attention to himself. On his return to the orange nest, the 195 cm tall receiver said, "After a successful season in Črnuče, I am looking forward to returning to ACH Volley, as we have a lot of challenges ahead of us, with the Champions League at the forefront. I know the team very well as I have been in constant contact with them and I am sure that the atmosphere in the locker room will continue to be great."

The fact that ACH Volley Ljubljana is counting on a number of young Slovenian players next season is also proved by the arrival of Mejal, who will form a passing pair with Todorović. The 23-year-old player from Fram said upon his arrival in Tivoli: "I think it's the right time to put on the ACH Volley jersey, because it's always been my goal. The team is mostly the same as last year, so I'm looking forward to a great atmosphere and top results."

We would like to welcome Klemen, Črt and Primož to ACH Volley Ljubljana.