Slovenian Champion Signs Up Young and Promising Volleyball Players

ACH Volley Ljubljana

From the team of the Slovenian national champions, it has been announced that two young and promising Slovenian volleyball players, Žiga Kumer and Jaka Prevorčnik, will join the Orange Dragons team next season.

Žiga Kumer, a product of the Črnuče volleyball school, has successfully defended the colors of the Maribor first-league team i-Vent for the past two seasons, after spending one season in Triglav Kranj and also at ACH Volley Ljubljana in Hala Tivoli. The 25-year-old from Ljubljana, who plays as a libero, stepped up to the club microphone upon signing with the serial national champions: "I have had a successful period in Maribor, despite the injuries I faced. Now I am ready for a new challenge in my career, and I come to ACH Volley Ljubljana motivated and eager to prove myself. I am convinced that I can learn a lot from Jani Kovačič, who is considered one of the best liberos in the world, and I can't wait for it all to start."

Left-handed receiver Jaka, a young talent from Črnuče volleyball school, will continue to hone his skills in the most successful volleyball team. Upon the invitation to the Orange nest, the 21-year-old did not hide his excitement and stated upon concluding the agreement: "It has always been my desire to one day wear the jersey of ACH Volley, which is by far the best volleyball club in Slovenia. It has been my dream since I was a child, and now my dreams have come true, for which I am grateful to the management and coaching staff for their trust. I think I can learn a lot and progress next season alongside experienced players. I will try to take advantage of every opportunity that is offered to me and help the team achieve its goals." Prevorčnik will thus join Pokeršnik, Šen, and Marovt at the receiver position, who have also extended their contracts with the national champions for the next season.

ACH Volley Ljubljana continues to focus on working with young and promising Slovenian volleyball players, who will represent an important piece in the future of Slovenian volleyball.

At ACH Volley Ljubljana, we wish Žiga and Jaka all the best.