Slovenian Volleyball Cup Final in Koper

ACH Volley Ljubljana

The competition for the Slovenian Cup for the 2023/24 season is in full swing. In the men's category, where 39 teams set out to hunt for the cup, three rounds have already been played, and on February 6th and 7th, we will witness the eighth-finals. In the women's competition, 42 teams started the battle for the cup, and after three rounds, the eighth-finals are scheduled for February 20th and 21st.

While we await the outcome of the knockout matches in the Slovenian Cup, the Volleyball Association of Slovenia has entrusted the organization of the grand final to BVK Koper. "Together with the organizers in Koper, we will do everything necessary for another significant volleyball event. Volleyball is extremely popular on the coast, and we are confident that the Bonifika Arena is the right choice to host this year's final matches. The cup competition is unpredictable, and the winners are decided in just one game, which usually serves up tense gameplay until the last points. Let this be a sufficient reason to convince volleyball enthusiasts to watch the clashes for this year's cup title," said Gregor Humerca, the general secretary of the Volleyball Association of Slovenia.

The decision of the Volleyball Association of Slovenia is also very satisfying for the president of the Koper club and former excellent Slovenian volleyball player, Jasmin Čuturić: "First of all, a big thank you to the Volleyball Association of Slovenia for giving us the opportunity to organize the tournament. Bringing volleyball at such a level to Koper is undoubtedly a great promotion, not only for men's but also for women's volleyball. We know that women's volleyball on the coast is very developed, although not at the highest level. We have long wanted to find a way to bring such a competition or one or two matches to Koper. Now we have succeeded, and in this regard, we have also found common ground with the Municipality of Koper regarding the Bonifika Arena. I am truly grateful to everyone that we can organize the Slovenian Cup final here. I believe it will be a great spectacle, that we will manage to fill the stands, and that we will show that we are not only a good organizer as a club but as the entire coast."

The final of the Slovenian Cup in 2023 was hosted in Velenje, and the event in the full Rdeča dvorana took place for the first time in the new format, which, instead of the final tournament of the top four teams in the men's and women's categories, brings only the final matches. In the 2022/23 season, the ACH Volley Ljubljana men's team won the cup, and the women's team from Nova KBM Branik were the successful ones.

Tickets for the final of the Slovenian Cup 2023/24 will be available soon on the Eventim platform.

Source: Volleyball Association of Slovenia"