Before a wild February, victory in Kranj


Hiša na kolesih Triglav - ACH Volley 0:3 (-18,-19,-24)

Hiša na kolesih Triglav: Ibrisimovic 4, Nanut 3, Glamocanin, Tučen 5, Bregant 11, Godnič 6, Snedec, Mali 2, Štembergar Zupan 5, Šikanič, Maček , Libnik (L), Fajfar (L). Coach: Sašo Rop.

ACH Volley Ljubljana: Toman(L), Ropret 2, Pernuš, Toukhteh, Dagostino(L), Pavlović 9, Bošnjak, Okroglič 11, Rutar, Pokeršnik, Videčnik 9, Kök 9, Djurić, Vučićević 19. Coach: Matija Pleško.

We saw an even start, as both teams played some strong attacks, which the defences managed to stop. The Ljubljana team was a bit more incisive on serve and managed to take a two-point lead (8:10). The home team tied it up on Mali's serve, but then there were a couple of Kranj attack errors, a good block by the guests and a half-minute timeout for Sašo Rop at 11:14. Godnič, with an efficient serve and a nice pass in the counterattack, made sure that the score was tied again at 15. The Dragons then played very composed in the block and put the home team in a subordinate position. They escaped with a 5:0 split on Pavlovič's serve, which was not helped by the second break. ACH's tight block forced the home attackers to take more risks, which in most cases ended in points for the visitors. The final point of the first set for the visitors was scored by Vučićević with a routine move (18:25).

In the second set, ACH quickly took a 0:3 lead on Ropret's serve. At these moments, the Kranj previous composure and solidity in attack was somewhat lost. The guests took advantage of every slightest flaw in Triglav's game, and the visitors' advantage grew rapidly. Sašo Rop tried to use interruptions and replaced Mali with Nanut. The visitors' advantage melted to three points and the game became more even again. The Ljubljana team played better through the middle, stretching the home defence and scoring more easily (19:25).

In the third set, the visitors took an early lead, but then lost their composure, which Kranj took advantage of. Strong serves gave them an 8:5 advantage, and Pleško took a time-out for the first time in the match. He took Kök out of the game, who was replaced by Bošnjak. When Kranj started to get their first tempo going, they increased their lead to 11:6. However, the home team was unable to stop Vučićević, who could not be caught by the home block (17:12). The unlucky Okroglič cut the lead to 17:14 with a service, and Godnič again tipped the scales in favour of Kranj with a solo block. Two consecutive blocks by the guests and a poor reception by Triglav momentarily turned the tide in favour of the guests, who successfully chased down a big deficit. At 20:19 Sašo Rop called for a timeout, and a block by Bregantu tied the score at 21. The first final ball was won by the guests, who after an exciting exchange pulled out the long end. Vučićević closed the set and the game with his 19th point (24:26).