ACH Volley Ljubljana to another championship victory

ACH Volley Ljubljana

In the 12th round of the Sportklub First Volleyball League, the home team ACH Volley Ljubljana faced the opponents, the team OK Merkur Maribor, in the Tivoli Hall in Ljubljana. Despite the opponents' fight, the Ljubljana volleyball players were convincingly better in all three sets, celebrating another championship victory in the home Tivoli hall with a 3:0 score.

Ljubljana – Tivoli Sports Hall, spectators: 75, referees: Vrenko, Atanasov

ACH Volley Ljubljana: Kržič, Satler, Šket, Najdič 1, Marovt 13, Šen, Koncilja 13, Kovačič (L), Gjorgiev 28, Sešek 2, Pokeršnik 7, Videčnik 4. Coach: Radovan Gačič

OK Merkur Maribor: Fužir, Vodušek 2, Pernuš, Adžović, McConnell 16, Valenčič 5, Bračko 4, Kržič 3, Donik 4, Fink 7, Novak. Coach: Škorc Sebastijan

At the beginning of the match, the Ljubljana team was more convincing, taking a 4:1 lead with Videčnik's successful attack through the first tempo. Despite the persistence and good play of the guests, the dragons managed to maintain the advantage in the home hall until the 10th point. Subsequently, with Donik's effective attack, the Maribor team reached a tie and then took the lead (11:13). The orange dragons equalized the score at the 14th point and, with a lead of 19:16, the visiting coach Škorc was forced to call a timeout. The interruption did not disturb the ACH Volley Ljubljana players; they increased the lead to five points with an effective attack (22:17). Gjorgiev utilized the second set ball in the set's conclusion, ending the set with a score of 25:19.

After initial equality in the second set, the initiative was taken by the home team, which, with a partial score of 5:1, ensured a three-point lead (8:5). A timeout requested by the Maribor coach, which did not bring about significant changes on the court this time either, followed. Despite the guests initially managing to reduce the difference (11:10), the players coached by Gačič remained focused and, with a determined attack, once again pulled away from the opponents (15:11). The advantage was maintained until the conclusion of the set, where Koncilja stood out with an attack at the 18th and 20th points, and Gjorgiev, similar to half an hour earlier, ended the set at the 19th point (25:19).

In the beginning of the third set, the teams were once again very close, with the Maribor players unable to break away by more than one point (9:8). The orange dragons gained their first significant lead (12:9), and when the Maribor players tied the score at the 12th point, coach Gačič had to intervene with a timeout. In the second half of the set, the home team volleyball players again secured an advantage (17:15). A lead of four points at the start of the set's conclusion was enough for the calm of the orange dragons (21:17). With the successful use of the second set ball, the third set also ended in favor of ACH Volley Ljubljana (25:20).

Statement by ACH Volley Ljubljana coach Radovan Gačič: "I think we should be satisfied with today's game. We knew that Maribor is returning after a few weeks of not-so-good play and problems with injuries, and I think that in the second part of the championship or after the new year, they will be the real deal again. But today we played a very solid game, and I don't think Maribor was in a position at any moment to surprise us."