ACH Volley Ljubljana also sovereign against Krka

ACH Volley Ljubljana

In the 7th round of the Sportklub First Volleyball League we watched the match between ACH Volley Ljubljana and Krka from Novo mesto. In a not very attractive match, the Orange Dragons justified their role as favourites and won after a good hour of play with a convincing 3:0.

Ljubljana – sports hall Tivoli, spectators 50, referees: Pevc, Markelj (both Slovenia).

ACH Volley Ljubljana : Krka  3:0 (15, 14, 10).

ACH Volley Ljubljana: Pernuš, Šket, Rutar 4, Mašulović 13, Todorović, Peruničić, Okroglič 2, Kovačič (L), Gjorgiev 13, Pokeršnik 6, Videčnik 2, Kök 14.   Trener: Mladen Kašić.

Krka: Hafner, Erpič 1, Čopi 2, Borin (L), Travnik 6, Kožar 1, Pulko 3, Lavrič 1, Peterlin 4, Hvala, Lindič 2, Jaklič (L), Renko, Koncilja 1.    Trener: Tomislav Mišin.

In the opening set, ACH Volley Ljubljana's home players quickly escaped from the guests from Novo mesto (4:1). The Krka players, who came to Tivoli confident after their win against Merkur Maribor in the previous round, made too many mistakes of their own throughout the match to seriously challenge the Orange Dragons. In the first set, the 33-year-old Gjorgiev, the Ljubljana team's opposite, was the main man on the court and, especially in attack, he was an unsolvable riddle for the visitors from Novo mesto. With the score 11:6, the visiting coach Mišin intervened after the first minute of the break in order to relax his players. He failed to do so, as the aforementioned Gjorgiev continued to score point after point for the Orange Dragons, while the Krka continued to sin too much. The multiple national champions only increased their lead (21:13) and won the set on 15 points after another mistake by the guests.

The second set, which both coaches started with the same starting line-ups, went similarly to the previous set. ACH Volley Ljubljana volleyball players served well enough and moved their opponents away from the net. This time, after a series of initial hits by young Rutar, they led 4:1. Mašulović, who was simply too high a hurdle for the visitors, was even more active in attack (8:4). Krka's volleyball players did not find the right rhythm, especially in the reception, which would have allowed them to score more easily in the attacking phase. The Orange Dragons' block was also becoming more and more effective, and the advantage from point to point was only growing (13:7). Not much changed in the second set either, as the multiple national champions were better in all elements of the game. They were on their way to increasing their lead and winning the second set. This was confirmed by a series of successful opening shots by captain Pokeršnik, who came in for Okroglič in the second half of the set. The set ended again in favour of the Orange Dragons (25:14) with a mistake by the guests on the opening shot.

Videčnik opened the third set with two fierce attacks, replacing Rutar. In the last set, the Orange Dragons quickly pulled away from their opponents and took a four-point lead (6:2). As if Krka's volleyball players had already surrendered, the rest of the set was more or less one team on the court. The visiting strategist tried to motivate the medleys of Krka players with a second minute break at 16:9, but to no avail. The increasingly playful Kök, in particular, made sure that the set ended quickly, in just 19 minutes, after another attacking mistake by Hvala (25:20).

ACH Volley Ljubljana captain Jan Pokeršnik: "We knew that Krka was coming to Tivoli on the wings of a big win against Maribor. However, with the right approach and focused play, we made it impossible for them to come out and play and make a run at any point in the match. We have a busy schedule of games ahead of us, so it's important to make the most of the wide bench we have."