ACH Volley Ljubljana sovereignly to victory in the derby with Kamnik

Napad Šketa

ACH Volley Ljubljana : Calcit Volley   3 : 1 ( -20, 19, 19, 22)

ACH Volley Ljubljana: Pernuš, Šket 11, Rutar, Mašulović 6, Todorović 1, Peruničić, Okroglič , Kovačič (L), Gjorgiev 15, Pokeršnik 11, Videčnik 2, Kök.  Trener: Mladen Kašić

Calcit Volley: Kos, Hribar (L), Bregar 15, Purič 3, Kosmina 13, Gasparini, Klobučar 4, Siirila, Brulec, Beravs 1, Plot (L), Mujanović, Pavlović.  Trener: Matija Pleško

In the first derby of the season between ACH Volley Ljubljana and Calcit Volley, we watched a spectacular volleyball game on both sides, which made the Ljubljana volleyball players happy in the end. They deservedly won the match with  3:1 ( -20, 19, 19, 20).

In an even match between the multiple Slovenian champions ACH Volley Ljubljana and Calcit Volley, Calcit's players were the first to secure a significant advantage (3:7) on Purič's serve. On the Kamnik side, Bregar was outstanding in the block, replacing the still injured Gasparini at the opposite hitter's position. Kamnik maintained their advantage, so at 5:8 the Orange Dragons made their first substitution, with young Rutar replaced by national team player Videčnik at the blocker position. Kamnik continued to play well on defence, and after a successful attack, the lead was 9:14, which led to the first timeout of home coach Kašić. The Kamnik volleyball players did not stop and just kept stepping up the rhythm of the game and dominated the court. They calmly took the set in their favour with the score 20:25.

In the second set, the Orange Dragons started more determined. In the attack, the playful captain Pokeršnik was joined by Gjorgiev and Šket, who with two fierce attacks led the team to a 7:5 lead. After a marathon point that ended in favour of the home team (9:6), the coach of Kamnik, Pleško, was forced to take a one-minute break. This did not stop the Orange Dragons, who only increased the difference and dominated the court. Calcit players woke up later in the set and reduced ACH Volley's advantage, but it wasn't enough to seriously hamper the home team, who closed the set in their favour with an ace by Pokeršnik.

The Orange Dragons team was getting stronger and stronger and carried their good play into the third set, which started evenly. The teams picked up the pace and the volleyball became more and more spectacular with longer exchanges. With the score 11:8 in favour of ACH Volley Ljubljana, Calcit's coach intervened after a one-minute break, which encouraged the visiting team, which managed to reduce the deficit. A successful attack by Šket and a block by Mašulović led to the final point, which, with the excitement of the visiting players and a red card by Kosmina, gave the Orange Dragons a 2:1 lead in the set.

ACH Volley Ljubljana's players really found their rhythm in the fourth set, when they used strong serves to keep their opponents away from the net and thus made it easier for them to come up with successful finishes in the attack. They led practically throughout the set and in the end, with a great block by Todorović and an error by Pavlović, they won the set 25:22.

By winning the first derby of the season, ACH Volley Ljubljana sent a clear message to all of their rivals that the goal this season is clear - to win both home trophies.

Statement of ACH Volley Ljubljana coach Mladen Kašić: "In the first set, the opponent had an excellent block and reception, which was a result of our not strong enough serves. We started to serve better in the second half of the match, which was the key to today's success. I have to admit that I was positively surprised by Kamnik's play in the absence of their opposite hitter Gasparini."

ACH Volley Ljubljana captain Jan Pokeršnik: "Obviously we needed the whole first set to warm up and play the way we know how. We took the initiative in all the next three sets and were better in all elements of the game. We also played much more tactically than in the first set and deserved to win."