ACH Vollley Ljubljana victorious against Waldviertel

ACH Volley Ljubljana

In the 15th round of the Central European League MEVZA, we watched the match between the home team of ACH Volley Ljubljana and the Austrian team Union Raiffeisen from Waldviertel. In a not very interesting match, the Ljubljana team justified their role as favourites and easily won with 3:0.
Ljubljana - Tivoli sports hall, 50 spectators, referees Brlas, Rajković (both Croatia).
ACH Volley Ljubljana : Union Raiffeisen Waldviertel 3 : 0 (11, 17, 21)

ACH Volley Ljubljana: Pernuš, Šket 2, Rutar 1, Mašulović 7, Todorović 3, Peruničić, Kovačič (L), Gjorgiev 13, Pokeršnik 12, Videčnik 4, Kök 5. Coach: Mladen Kašić
Union Raiffeisen Waldviertel: Blaginov, Sinoski 10, Weber (L), Bartos, Knašas 7, Hahn, Streutker, Schnabel 2, Taylor-Parks 4, Šulc 5. Coach: Zdenek Šmejkal
The match was opened better by the Ljubljana volleyball team, who led 4:1 after two attacks by Gjorgiev, who returned to the starting line-up of the Orange Dragons after a rest game, and captain Pokeršnik. A block by Todorović for 7:3 forced the visiting coach Šmejkal to take the first half-minute break. The guests from Waldviertel continued to make too many mistakes in their offensive actions and the advantage grew rapidly (10:3). The visitors, who were not in any way rhythmic, could not catch up and at 11:3 after the second break Šmejkal intervened. Even this timeout did not change the course of the game, as Gjorgiev scored an ace to take a nine-point lead (13:4). If it was expected that the visiting volleyball players would wake up a bit, we saw the opposite. After three successfully completed offensive actions, in which Pokeršnik, Videčnik and Gjorgiev played the main roles, the Tivoli Hall scoreboard read 19:6. The guests tried to find a matched six throughout the set, but to no avail. The set, which lasted less than 19 minutes, was finished with an ace by Pokeršnik (25:11).
The second set opened with a surprise win for the visiting Union Raiffeisen Waldviertel, who took a 5:1 lead on the wings of Taylor-Parks. The Ljubljana players quickly regained the balance and tied the score on the sixth point. The two teams continued in an even rhythm, with a number of errors on the opening shots (10:10). An ace by Gjorgieva and two successful attacks by a determined Pokershnik pushed the Dragons back to a three-point advantage (14:11). ACH Volley volleyball players continued with better offensive play and after a point by Šket and then another by Mašulović, the advantage increased to five (17:12). They maintained their lead in the second half and entered the playoffs with a five-point difference (20:15). Kök, who replaced Skete in the second set, scored the first final ball to win the second set after a successful attack, and Gjorgiev took the second.
The third set started better for the visitors after two blocks by Sinoski, but Videčnik scored two successful attacks to level the score on the third point. Thanks to the aforementioned Sinoski, the guests from Waldviertel took the lead again, this time by three points (6:9), but after a successful attack by Kök and an ace by Todorovic, the Orange Dragons were able to come back and tie the score again (9:9). Gjorgiev scored another point to give ACH Volley its first lead of the third set. A timeout at the request of the guests did not bear fruit, as the Ljubljana volleyballers led by three (12:9) after two consecutive attacking errors by their rivals. In the following period, both teams missed two initial shots in a row, and the home team's advantage was even higher after a successful block by Mašulović for 18:13. The latter, with a successful attack, also got the first final ball (24:20), which was defended by the guests, but immediately afterwards they missed a serve, and the match ended with a new victory for the Orange Dragons, who have already become the champions of the regular part of the Central European League. 
ACH Volley Ljubljana captain Jan Pokeršnik said: "We had a great start and gained a high enough lead to continue calmly right from the beginning of the first set. At the beginning of the second set we fell asleep a bit and the guests showed that they are a good team. We proved once again that we are in very good shape and, despite the tough pace of the matches, won today's match without any major problems."
Statement of ACH Volley Ljubljana coach Mladen Kašić: "Congratulations to the boys for another win. We played a great first set, but then too many unforced errors crept in. In principle, we had things under control all the time and deservedly won the new three points."