ACH Volley Ljubljana also very convincing from Kranj

ACH Volley Ljubljana

Hiša na kolesih Triglav : ACH Volley Ljubljana  0 : 3 (-17, -24. -11)

Hiša na kolesih Triglav: Ibrišimovič, Pušnik 6, Nanut 2, Tučen 5, Bregant, Godnič 5, Libnik (L), Snedec 1, Mali 1, Štembergar Zupan 9, Šikanič 1, Maček 5, Kumer (L).   Coach: Sašo Rop.

ACH Volley Ljubljana: Pernuš 2, Šket 8, Rutar 5, Mašulović 10, Todorović, Peruničić, Kovačič (L), Gjorgiev 19, Pokeršnik 5, Kök 1.   Coach: Mladen Kašić.

In the 3rd round of the Sportklub Volleyball League we watched the match between the undefeated ACH Volley Ljubljana and Hiša na kolesih Triglav, who were chasing their first victory in the championship. ACH Volley Ljubljana were better team on court , winning their third consecutive victory in the championship with a score of 3:0. 

The start of the match was marked by the guests from Ljubljana, who led by four points (1:5) after an ace by Rutar. The multiple national champions, who were better in all elements of the volleyball game, had the main say on the court in the rest of the set, and after a successful attack by Mašulović, they built up a five-point lead (10:15) through the first tempo. The Orange Dragons stepped up the pace of the game and the advantage only grew. At 13:19, Kranj coach Rop stepped in after the second timeout. This did not stop the Orange Dragons, who, especially with their good block-defence, caused a lot of problems in finishing off the attacks of the opponents from Kranj. After an attacking error by Mali, the first set ended in favour of the Ljubljana players with the score 17:25.

In the second set we saw a much more even start (4:4). Triglav's volleyball players woke up, reduced the number of errors and were an equal opponent. Also in the continuation we saw a better and better resistance of the home volleyball players, who went into a two-point lead (13:11). After a successful block by Videčnik and a tie at 14, the Orange Dragons changed the position of the setter, replacing Todorović with young Pernuš, who scored a block right after the entry and led the team into the lead. Neither team managed to build a big lead and it was an even match until the 20th point. The Ljubljana team had the better start to the playoffs, and after some fierce initial shots by Šket, they took a three-point lead (20:23), but it was not enough for a calm end to the playoffs. The volleyball players of Triglav managed to catch the tie-breaker on the 23rd point with a fierce game. In a tense end of the set, the Orange Dragons took advantage of the second final ball and after a successful attack by Mašulović, they closed the set (24:26).

The start of the third set was more similar to the start of the first, when the Orange Dragons took a very quick lead. At 2:5, the home strategist Rop reacted and took a one-minute break. This did not stop the onslaught of the visiting volleyball players, who led by seven points (2:9) after two consecutive aces by Gjorgiev. ACH Volley Ljubljana's strategist Kašič made some substitutions, sending in Kök and Okroglič instead of Šket and Pokeršnik, who soon scored an ace to increase the lead to 3:11. The reshuffled line-up of the Orange Dragons only increased the advantage and justified the expectations of the visiting team's professional staff. After another ace by the playful Gjorgiev, there was no doubt about the winner of the match. The Orange Dragons impressed with attractive moves and finished the game on 11 points after another ace by the most efficient player of the match, Gjorgiev.

Statement of ACH Volley Ljubljana player, Nikola Gjorgiev: "It was clear who the favourite was today, but we had to prove it on the court. We opened the game perfectly and had everything under control. In the second set there were too many mistakes on our side and we allowed our opponent to be dangerous until the end. We put things right in the next set and deserved to win."

Statement of ACH Volley Ljubljana coach, Mladen Kašić: "Today we were in control for most of the match. We dominated in all elements of the game and especially in the first and third set we had things under control. In the second set, we allowed our opponents from Kranj to come out and play and we were in control until the end of the set. I am happy to see that we continue our winning streak, which we will try to extend in the next two away games in Slovakia."


SOURCE: ACH Volley Ljubljana