ACH Volley Ljubljana manages a remarkable turnaround in Kamnik

ACH Volley Ljubljana

The second match of this season's final series in men's volleyball was played in Kamnik between ACH Volley Ljubljana and Calcit Volley. After losing two sets, the Ljubljana team rallied and enjoyed success in the second final match, and are now only one win away from the national championship title. The first chance to do so will come on Monday, 25 April at 18:00 in front of the home crowd at the Tivoli Arena.

Kamnik – sports hall Kamnik, spectators 400, referees: Jovanovič, Perčič (oba Slovenija).

 Calcit Volley : ACH Volley Ljubljana  2 : 3 (20, 24, -22, -22, -9)

Calcit Volley: Kos 5, Hribar (L), Bregar 11, Purič, Kosmina, Gasparini 15, Klobučar 18, Siirila 12, Brulec 1, Beravs 1, Plot (L), Mujanović, Pavlović 18.  Trener: Matija Pleško.

ACH Volley Ljubljana: Pernuš, Šket 12, Rutar, Mašulović 9, Todorović 2, Peruničić, Okroglič, Kovačič (L), Gjorgiev 24, Pokeršnik 17, Videčnik 7, Kök 2.  Trener: Mladen Kašić.

The second final match was opened better by the guests from Ljubljana, who led by three points after an ace by captain Gjorgiev, and by four points (2:6) after a service error by Pavlović. Kamnik regained the balance and tied the score at 13, and immediately afterwards, after an ace by Siirlia and a successful block by Bregar, they led by two points (15:13). The efficient Gasparini increased the lead to three points and a reaction on the visitors' bench followed with a half-minute break. It didn't change the situation on the court, as a very moody Bregar increased the lead to four with his fourth point, and Siriila made it five with a block (21:16). A second timeout followed at the request of Kašić, after which Videčnik's two blocks brought the Dragons to within two points (22:20), forcing a timeout on the home side. In the end, Siirila and Pavlović scored four baskets and the set ended with Videčnik's error on the opening shot (25:20).

The opening of the second set passed in an even rhythm, with neither team gaining a significant advantage. It was not until Calcit Volley's players escaped to within three points (15:12) with attacks from Klobučar and Pavlović, but this time the Dragons had an answer and tied the score at 17 with blocks from Pokeršnik and Gjorgiev. A playful Pokeršnik block and then another offensive rebound put the Ljubljanaers in the lead (20:18), which was followed by a timeout at the request of the home team's Pleško. This did not change the situation on the court, as the Ljubljana volleyball team had a three-point advantage in the end of the set, followed by two final balls (24:22), which were defended by the combative Kamnik players, who after a turnaround won the second set (26:24).

The third set, like the second, started evenly. The Dragons did not give up after losing two sets and went up by two (10:12) with an ace by Gjorgiev. Pleško was forced to take a break, after which the Kamnik players caught the guests again and the match was tied again (14:15). Kamnik's strong block play kept up with ACH Volley's players and they entered the final set with a minimal advantage (20:19). The Ljubljana team managed to take the lead with three consecutive points (20:22). In the end of the set, ACH Volley players managed to get three final balls and this time they did not allow a turnover (22:25).

At the beginning of the fourth set we saw an even volleyball match (7:7). However, the most efficient player of Kamnik players today, Bregar, came to the fore and took the lead for the home team (10:7) and a half-minute break for the visitors. Calcite's volleyball players continued to charge and led until the middle of the set (13:10). The multiple national champions managed to tie the score on the 15th point and it was going to be an exciting continuation. Pokeršnik first with a great block gave the visitors the lead (18:20) and then finished the attack for a big four-point advantage (19:23). The set ended in favour of the Ljubljana team after Beravs' error on the opening shot (22:25).

The decisive fifth set started better for the visitors, who took a 2:0 lead. The home team immediately hit back and tied the match (2:2). ACH Volley Ljubljana's volleyball players again escaped the home team's two-point advantage and only increased the advantage until the change of sides (5.8). The Orange Dragons dominated the floor of the Kamnik hall and led by four (8:12) on Videčnik's serve. A timeout followed at the request of the Kamnik players, but it did not confuse the Dragons, who marched towards a hard-earned victory. Pokeršnik closed the match with an outstanding block (9:15).

Statement of ACH Volley Ljubljana coach Mladen Kašić: "We expected an extremely difficult match, and today was not exactly our day, which Calcit Volley was able to take advantage of in the opening two sets. Nevertheless, we came together and once again showed the character of this team. An extremely important win ahead of the third final match, which awaits us on Monday at home in Tivoli."

Statement of ACH Volley Ljubljana player Jan Pokeršnik: "It took us a long time to catch the rhythm of the game and take the initiative on the court. After a bit of an unfortunate second set loss, we showed our quality in the second set and deservedly enjoyed another victory in the final series."