ACH Volley Ljubljana proved to be the favourite

ACH Volley Ljubljana - Panvita Pomgrad

Panvita Pomgrad : ACH Volley Ljubljana 0:3 (-26, -22, -16)

Panvita Pomgrad: Vori (L), Vinkovic 11, McConnell 15, Drvaric 4, Vrabl (L), Radovic, Rojnik 7, Flisar, Lakner 4, Bedrac, Fužir 4, Novak (L), Hafner 1, Grabar.  Coach: Dejan Fujs.

ACH Volley Ljubljana: Pernuš, Šket 12, Rutar, Mašulović 11, Todorović 1, Peruničić, Okroglič 1, Kovačič (L), Gjorgiev 11, Pokeršnik 11, Videčnik 6, Kök.  Coach: Mladen Kašić.

ACH Volley Ljubljana opened the new season in the Sportklub 1 volleyball league with a win away in Murska Sobota against Panvita Pomgrad.

The match started evenly. After a block by Vuk Todorovic, the Ljubljana team managed to take a two-point lead for the first time (5:7). In the next point, the Orange Dragons increased their lead to three points (5:8) after a mistake by young Fužir. The home team's coach, Dejan Fujs, had to call for a minute break, which was beneficial for Panvita's volleyball players, as with two consecutive aces by captain Drvarič, they caught the visiting team at 12 points and sent a clear message that they would not give up so easily. The fighting hosts held on to the tie until the end of the set. It was mainly thanks to Panvita Pomgrad's newcomer, opposite McConnell, who with his excellent serves and attacks made sure that Panvita's volleyball players got the first final ball. ACH Volley Ljubljana successfully defended the ball and turned the result in their favour. The marathon opening set ended with the score 26:28 in favour of the multiple Slovenian champions.

In the second set, the teams continued with a fighting performance and showed some nice volleyball. After an ace by Alen Šket, the visiting ACH Volley Ljubljana volleyball players were within three points (6:9), which triggered a reaction on Panvita's side with a one-minute break. This time, the minute break did not help the home volleyball players, as the Ljubljana players escaped with strong initial shots to a five-point difference (11:16). Panvita Pomgrad's volleyball players rallied again and started to build on the Orange Dragons' advantage, getting dangerously close to them (22:23). A minute break by the visiting team's coach Mladen Kašić did the Ljubljana team good, as they won all the remaining points and the second set as well (22:25).

In the third set, we more or less watched the dominance of the visiting team ACH Volley Ljubljana, as the Orange Dragons built up a big lead from the very beginning (6:12). This time they did not allow the home team Panvita to come back into the game successfully, but only increased their advantage throughout the set and won it on the 16th point (16:25).

ACH Volley Ljubljana thus justified their role as favourites and entered the season with a win.