ACH Volley Ljubljana on the wings of Gjorgiev also successful in Zagreb

ACH Volley Ljubljana

In the match of the Central European Volleyball League MEVZA, two old friends of the volleyball courts, the home teams HAOK Mladost Zagreb and ACH Volley Ljubljana, met for the second time in the season. After two tied sets, the Ljubljana team took the initiative and deservedly won 3:1.

Zagreb -Zagreb - Bojan Stranić Sports Hall, referees: Kuzmanovic, Ovuka (oba Bosna in Hercegovina).

HAOK Mladost Zagreb : ACH Volley Ljubljana   1 : 3 (-23,  27, -20, -16).

HAOK Mladost Zagreb: Višić 3, Repek (L), Jakopec, Nikačević 6, Jakoliš, Bakonji 1, Silva Franca 1, Jakovac 6, Vasko, Buša 17, Gajić 8, Smiljanic (L), Zeljković 14, Cvanciger 1.  Trener: Radovan Gačić.

ACH Volley Ljubljana: Pernuš, Šket 3, Rutar, Mašulović 10, Todorović 2, Peruničić, Okroglič 10, Kovačič (L), Gjorgiev 26, Pokeršnik 4, Videčnik 8, Kök 7.  Trener: Mladen Kašić.

Playful Željkovic, first with a successful attack and then with an ace, gave Zagreb a great start and a 4:1 lead.  Gjorgiev, the Macedonian ACH Volley Ljubljana opposite, responded with the same measure on the other side, also with a successful attack and then an ace to level the score on the fourth point. The Orange Dragons got their first significant advantage after two errors by their corrector Buša and a successful attack by Šket (7:10). After a series of three missed serves by the visitors, Mladost's volleyball players managed to close the gap to just one point, which was then broken by the visiting team's strategist Kašić after the first break. In the following period, ACH Volley volleyball players, on the wings of a determined Gjorgiev, managed to distance themselves from their rivals again (17:20). A half-minute break at the request of coach Gačić helped the home volleyball players, as they managed to get back into the game and close the gap to one point (19:20). In the evenly matched playoff, the Ljubljana volleyball team showed more composure and managed to win the opening set (23:25) thanks to Gjorgiev, who scored 10 points in the first set.

The second set, unlike the first, started much better for ACH Volley Ljubljana and after successful attacks by Videčnik, Gjorgiev and Šket, they led by three (1:4). In the following period, Šket and the already mentioned Gjorgiev were among the more penetrative in the attack and made sure to keep the lead. Then came the minutes of the Zagreb players, who scored four points in a row on an initial shot by Nikačević to take the lead (16:15). Okroglič came in for Šket, and Videčnik made a successful attack to tie the game (16:16). Trailing 16:18, coach Kašić had to call for a timeout, which worked, as the Orange Dragons tied the score at 18. Gjorgiev kept in contact with the increasingly dangerous home players, and Mašulović's fierce attack gave the Dragons the lead (20:21) and a half-minute break on Mladost's side. In an exciting playoff, in which both teams showed a number of nice moves, ACH Volley volleyball players got the first final ball after a successful action by Gjorgiev, but in the following three missed serves in a row gave a chance to their rivals, who won the set (29:27) after another mistake by the Ljubljana players.

The start of the third set started on the notes of the undefeated Ljubljana players, who took a 6:2 lead with a series of four consecutive points. This triggered a reaction on the home bench with a half-minute break at the request of Gačić. It did not change the course of the game, as the Dragons continued to dominate and only increased their lead (9:15) by the midway point of the set after an attractive finish by Kök. Two fierce attacks by Mašulović for 19:12 put an end to any doubts about the winner of the second set. It ended with an error by the Zagreb players on the 20th point.

Similarly to the second and third sets, the visitors started the fourth set better and led by three points (1:4). Mladost's volleyball players showed that they were not going to give up in the next set and took the lead on the seventh point and the lead immediately afterwards (8:7). ACH Volley's volleyball players answered and after a successful triple block they got a three-point advantage (12:15), and the break followed at the request of the Zagreb players. This time, the Ljubljana players did not let the home players catch their breath. After a block by Kök, the set was practically decided at 22:14. Kök finished it off with an ace for another 34th consecutive victory for the Orange Dragons.

Statement by ACH Volley Ljubljana coach Mladen Kašić: »It's always nice to play in Zagreb, where today we faced a very challenging match and a lively opponent. We were not the right team today, as we had too many drops in the first two sets, which the Mladost volleyball players took advantage of in the second set. Nevertheless, we rallied and recorded another win, which is very important before our next match in Portugal."