Črnučani players chipped a set off the undefeated ACH Volley Ljubljana volleyball team

ACH Volley Ljubljana

Črnučani players chipped a set off the undefeated ACH Volley Ljubljana volleyball team

In the 11th round of the Sportklub First Volleyball League, the teams of ACH Volley Ljubljana and Črnuč met for the second time this season in the city derby. In the match, where the multiple national champions were considered to be the clear favourites, we watched an even match in the first two sets, but in the following match the undefeated ACH Volley Ljubljana volleyball team dominated, winning 3:1.

Ljubljana - Maks Pečar Sports Hall, 150 spectators, referees Perčič, Kodelič (both Slovenia).

Črnuče : ACH Volley Ljubljana 1:3 (-26, 19, -7, -12).

Črnuče:  Verdinek (L), Mihelčič, Prevorčnik, Vilar, Gornik 4, Tepič 4, Rojnik 6, Bošnjak 15, Sešek 12, Oman 3, Karadža Pevc (L), Slovnik, Jančič, Mejal 2. Coach: Jurij Žavbi.

ACH Volley Ljubljana: Pernuš, Šket 9, Rutar, Mašulović 8, Todorović 2, Peruničić, Okroglič 8, Kovačič (L), Gjorgiev 20, Pokeršnik 4, Videčnik 12, Kök 4. Coach: Mladen Kašić.

At the very beginning of the meeting, the Črnuče volleyball team took a 5:3 lead with two aces by Mejal, who this season represents Črnuče as a loan player of ACH Volley Ljubljana, and made it clear to their city rivals that they would be a tough nut to crack today on their home turf. On Tepič's serve, the hosts gained their first significant advantage and the multiple Slovenian champions escaped to four points (14:10). The Orange Dragons' coach Kašić was forced to take a minute break, but it did not change the way the set went. The Montenegrins steadily increased their advantage with a very good block play, while on the other side the ACH Volley Ljubljana players committed too many mistakes of their own and were not decisive enough in the endings of their actions to be able to keep in touch with their rivals. With the score 19:13 in favour of Črnuč, the visiting coach Kašić sent today's celebrated player Kök to the game instead of Šket. The Črnuč volleyball team continued to be dominant in the receiving and offensive end, where the second loan player of ACH Volley Ljubljana, who plays for Črnuč this year, Bošnjak, stood out. At the score of 24:20, the home team of Črnuč had four final balls and few in the hall thought that the Orange Dragons could manage a complete turnaround. With the successful serves of Gjorgiev, the most efficient player of the match today, the ACH Volley players managed a dream comeback, first tying the score at 24, later defending two more balls from their opponents and taking advantage of their first to win the first set (26:28).

The second set started a bit better for ACH Volley Ljubljana, who took a 6:4 lead after a successful attack by Okroglič. Still in the mood, the Črnuče volleyball team quickly responded and first erased the deficit, then took a two-point lead after a strong finish by Rojnik (8:6). Coach Žavbi's players continued the second set, increasing the pace of the game and led by four points (17:13). This triggered a reaction on the bench and a one-minute break at the request of coach Kašić. However, it didn't deter the Orange Dragons, because after two consecutive aces by Gornik, the Črnuče players were already ahead by six points (19:13). The home team kept the advantage in the next set and after another successful finish by Šešek they led 22:16. At 24:18 the home team had as many as six end balls, but unlike in the first set, they took advantage of the second one after a successful attack by Bošnjak (25:19).

As if the Orange Dragons needed to lose the set, they woke up in the third, got a bit angry and played much better. Gjorgiev shone in the ranks of ACH Volley Ljubljana, contributing the lion's share of the lead with three aces and successfully completed attacks. The most trophy volleyball team continued to dominate in all elements of the game and raced towards winning the set. After a successful attack by Šket, the score on the semaphore of the Maks Pečar Hall showed an unassailable advantage for the Orange Dragons (4:17), and after a block by Videčnik it was already 5:22. After a mistake by Tepič on the opening hit, the set ended with a score of 25:7 in favour of the undefeated ACH Volley Ljubljana volleyball players.

The fourth set also went according to the notes of ACH Volley Ljubljana, who from the very beginning managed to gain an advantage of four points (3:7) and later seven points (5:12). In the rest of the set, we continued to watch the impressive play of the Orange Dragons, who did not allow the young Črnuče team to play up and be dangerous again. Videčnik (12:25) decided the match with a successful attack for a new victory of ACH Volley Ljubljana.

Statement of ACH Volley Ljubljana coach Mladen Kašić: "We didn't enter the match as we had agreed. We were aware that the Črnuč team, despite being a very young team, has a lot of quality. They showed us this especially in the first two sets, where they were the better opponent. In the end, it's the win that counts, and we have to prepare as much as we can for the middle match in the Cup."