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Panvita Pomgrad : ACH Volley Ljubljana 0:3 (-24, -16, -13)

Panvita Pomgrad: Ražnatović 5, Potočnik, Vinkovič 3, Drvarič 4, Radović 6, Rojnik 15, Flisar, Lakner 1, Novak, Bedrač 6, Grabar, Vrabl and Vori (both libero). Coach: Dejan Fujs.

ACH Volley Ljubljana: Ropret 1, Pernuš, Toukhteh 7, Pavlovič, Bošnjak, Okroglič 7, Rutar, Pokeršnik 15, Videčnik 10, Kök 3, Djurić 7, Vučićević 9, Toman and Dagostino (both libero). Coach.

The current national champions, ACH Volley from Ljubljana, justified their role as favourites in Murska Sobota, beating the home team Panvita Pomgrad 3:0.

Under the guidance of coach Dejan Fujs, who took over the team from Aleš Hribar, Murska Sobota bravely resisted the favoured opponent. With imaginative and combinative play, they led by two points in the opening set at 12:10 and 16:14, but then the Ljubljana team tied the score at 17 for an exciting endgame. Panvita Pomgrad took the lead 20:18 on a kick-off by outside-spiker Jakob Rojnik, but after a successful attack by Din Vinkovič, who had replaced the previously unavailable Branislav Radović, they had the final ball at 24:22. In the end, it didn't work out for Pomgrad, as the unstoppable Mitar Djurić closed out the first set after a missed attack by Rojnik.

In the second set, the reigning national champions kicked it up a gear. Ljubljana coach Matija Pleško replaced Matej Kök with Jure Okroglič, which bore fruit later on. ACH rallied and even after the ankle injury of Djurić, who was successfully replaced by Božidar Vučićević, convincingly went point for point. The Ljubljana team led 12:7, but Panvita Pomgrad almost tied the score at 14:15. In the next set, blocker Matic Videčnik came to the service, and with the help of the net, he happily strung together three points directly from the opening shot, and the Ljubljana team won the second set.

The third and final set was a mere formality. Panvita Pomgrad successfully held off the reigning national champions until the 10th point. Okroglič stayed on the court for ACH and Fujs once again replaced the unavailable Radovič with the young Vinkovič, but there was no turnaround for Panvita Pomgrad. Amir Toukhteh cut through the line-up with his serve and a triple block by the Ljubljana player on a missed attack by Rojnik ended the match with a maximum 0:3.